We have one purpose. Souls. The cleansing of souls.

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The Voice of Healing Church

The Voice of Healing Movement, also known as the Healing Revival was a famous movement from the mid 1940’s to late 1950’s. It stretched from North America to impact nations all over the globe. The aftermath of the Healing Revival is said to have impacted over 550 million people worldwide. Gordon Lindsay rose up to chronicle God’s works during the revival publishing the Voice of Healing magazine.

In the early 2000s, God spoke to Apostle Michael to obtain “The Voice of Healing” name. Now VOH Church will continue the legacy of these mighty men of the ‘40s-’50s to bring awakening, reformation, healing, deliverance and revivals alongside quality Christian radio and television programs.

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The Voice of Healing Radio #VOHRadio

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8:30PM CT | 100.7FM Dallas | thewordfm.com
9:00PM CT | 100.7FM Houston | kkht.com

7:00PM PST | Major Podcast Platforms

Access Behind The Veil

Many are misinformed about the word Apocalypse. The Greek definition alone brings truth to this highly searched topic. Apokalypsis means to remove the veil, a disclosure of truth, or instruction concerning divine things before unknown. If you are ready to go deeper into the Word of God, prepare for the coming glory, and are concerned about the state of the Church, then this book is for you!

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